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The Weather Stripping...

Weather stripping - keeps the COLD in and the HOT out. Here in Florida, we know this is very important! Especially during the summer months! Keep you electric bill down! Check your weather stripping every 6 months.

It's simple and very cheap to do. I bought a pack from Home Depot and good thing is that if I don't need it all, it won't go bad sitting in my tool closet.

Steps are simple...

1. Open the door (exterior only), clean the weather stripping and check to make sure it is not cracked or pulling off of the door frame. If it is, REPLACE IT. Simple. It has a sticky side to it, just pull it off like a sticker, place it, and BOOM - DONE!

Another tip (do during sunlight hours) - when the door is closed (and locked) look all around the door to see if you can see light coming in - you need to adjust the weather stripping. That means air can escape and critters can enter and you don't want that!

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