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The Refrigerator...

The refrigerator = the centerpiece of any home. We all gather in the kitchen, usually with food or drinks, all which come from the fridge. This is usually one of the most expensive appliances we own, and we WANT to keep it clean, full and working properly.

Some quick tips for the inside - change out your water filter every 6 months. Prices are usually pretty good on Amazon. Keep it clean, wipe down spills and clean out crumbs. Keep a box of baking soda in side the fridge and freezer to keep it smelling pretty (very small price tag).

Maintenance is pretty simple as well.

1. The bottom of the fridge (in the front) has a protective kick guard that keeps stuff out from underneath and from stubbing your toe. Mine had some dog hair built up here. Quick an easy, take off the cover, clean it and use your shop vac to clean underneath.

2. Pull the fridge out from the wall - this is where the main part is that you want to keep clean. I always vacuum the stuff up from underneath to keep it clean as well as the slits in the board - clean the dust off of those if there is any. It works just like an A/C unit - sucks in air - and we want this air to be clean and free of dust.

3. Open fridge, pop open a beer and enjoy!

One last thing... do you have any other questions?

Please call us today!


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