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The KITCHEN part 2

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of our time. We love food in this house! Love trying new recipes, making new creations, or just cooking a family dinner.


Keeping your microwave clean is simple - clean it out, get crumbs off, make sure nothing is baked onto the sides. Loosening this up can be easy. Put a cup of water into the microwave. Turn it on for 5 minutes. Loosens the gunk, wipe clean. DONE!

Under the microwave, there is a hood screen. This is where the smoke / grease / water vapor goes when you turn on the exhaust fan.

This can get dirty and cause issues - especially fires if there is grease build-up.

Step 1 - remove exhaust vent screen

Step 2 - put into dishwasher and run a cycle to clean and dry

Step 3 - wipe area behind screen clean of any excess grease build up

Step 4 - replace screen



There are too many models to possibly explain how they all differ.

Here are the major things you need to know.

Step 1 - inspect gaskets for any wear or tears

Step 2 - run cycle with dishwasher detergent with an empty dishwasher

Step 3 - inspect drain screen at bottom of dishwasher - these get dirty! (see below)

Step 4 - clean drain screen with running water, let dry and replace


Quick. Easy. Needed.

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