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The KITCHEN part 1

Kitchen maintenance, easy, quick, simple, varies by home? Wait, what?!

Yes, yes, yes. If your home is equipped with natural gas, it will be different than if it is all electric.

Biggest difference we can point out - the OVEN / STOVE TOP

Electric and gas ovens - clean up any food residue from the bottom. Turn on the self-cleaning cycle (see owners manual). Let oven cool for a few hours, then wipe the ash from the bottom, seals and door.

Gas ovens - check gas connections in the back using soap and water method.

*Put water in a cup, add a few drops of dishwasher soap. Pour onto connections, if you see bubbles start to form, there is a gas leak. You need to turn off gas immediately!*


Quick and easy. I use this method often. Especially if the sink starts to smell a little bit.

You need a cup of ice, white vinegar, and baking soda (all cheap purchases from your neighborhood Publix).

Step 1 - make sure sink is empty

Step 2 - pour half of baking soda box (small box) into sink drain

Step 3 - pour approximately 1/3 of white vinegar into sink drain and let sit for a minute

Step 4 - Pour in large cup of ice into sink drain

Step 5 - turn on water and garbage disposal, let run until ice is no longer there (turn off disposal and sink)

Step 6 - clean splash guard


The ice sharpens the garbage disposal blades, as well as breaks up any food particles that may be left. Running and water with the vinegar and baking soda will eliminate odors.

Do these small things for your sink and garbage disposal often, and it will last longer and reduce odors!

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