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The Dryer...

The Dryer - it's soul purpose is to HEAT up and DRY our clothes after they have been washed. Simple, yet effective. Gas or electric. Wonderful time saver, especially because if you hang your clothes outside to dry you run the risk of a summer storm and soaking them again. No one likes that.

The importance of maintaining your dryer is paramount! It's the easiest appliance that can catch fire and get clogged, costing you THOUSANDS in repairs or high electric bills.

Simple rules for cleaning and maintaining your dryer...

1. Empty the lint trap after EVERY LOAD. My sister didn't know this and ended up running her dry cycle 4 times before they were actually dry. Little did she know, the lint trap was full and backed up and air flow. This is simple, and the easiest step EVER.

2. Unplug your machine (gas or electric, still do it). Move the dryer off the wall and check your vent to the outside. Usually a metal slinky looking item that goes from the bottom of the dryer to the outside vent through the wall. This is easily done by unscrewing the clamp.

I like to take my shop vac and put it down the end coming out of the dryer and up into the wall to make sure there is nothing there that will create a clog.

3. Put the clamp back on and tighten.

4. Rub the drum on the inside with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any stains, scuff marks, etc from the drum and keep it off your clean dry clothes.

And that's all... simple, effective, maybe 10 minute project. I do this every 3-4 months to keep everything running smooth and increasing the longevity of my machine.



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