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The Drains...

This is a quick post, but important!

The drains are where water leaves the home and into the septic take or public sewer system. In Florida, we have the issue of trees EVERYWHERE! Large trees have roots that spread underground. Those roots can break through the drains and cause a break, which can cause MAJOR issues in the home.

Now we cannot see these roots, and they usually take years upon years to do this. What we can see is what we put down our drains. Soap, oil, grease, egg shells, etc. all go down the drains. Something good to do quarterly is to clear them out so they do not build up and cause issues quickly.

I like to put a drain cleaning solution down my drains (sinks, bathtubs, showers) and let the solution do its job and clean out whatever gunk may be there.

It's quick (approx. 30 mins) and cheap. Most of the time, you are waiting for the solution to do it's thing before flushing the drains with hot water.

1. Purchase drain cleaning solution

2. Pour down drains

3. Wait 30 minutes

4. Flush with hot water


Have any questions? CALL US!

Matthew and Brooke Schnitker


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