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The Burbs (part 2)

So here we are... the next post... featuring the top 4 suburbs in Orlando!

Any guesses on #1? DON'T SCROLL! Just guess

4. Clermont

This is a bit further outside of Winter Garden, but WOW is there acres and acres of land

and trees here. This was once full of orange groves and trees and probably the only "hill" in Florida. Homes out here are typically cheaper (due to location), but you do get A LOT of house! Clermont may be a bit further outside of Orlando, but the folks out here are proud of their city and extremely friendly - like wow friendly. Going out here, people walking their dogs will actually stop and have a full on conversation with you - not typical of other major metropolitan areas.

3. Winter Garden

This is an older town on the west side of Orlando. Even though it's all new, it still has it's own downtown Winter Garden which features buildings from the founding year of 1903. No apartments, so everyone who lives here, stays here! It's growing rapidly so don't wait to buy!

House prices are affordable now, and are projected to increase by 30% in 3-4 years.

2. Winter Park

Home to some of the most GORGEOUS homes in Orlando (not counting #1 on the list) - Winter Park is the area where people WANT to be living. It's honestly sort of a honor to tell people you live in Winter Park. They have a weekly farmers market which hosts A TON of small farm growers, jewelry makers, live music and of course, great scratch made food. Winter Park is home to Rollins - a prestigious private college that is lake side and has more of a college town feel without looking like a college with a bunch of kids on skateboards.


1. Windermere

This place has it all. History, beauty, traditions, weekly events and those small mom-and-pop stores people love. Inches away from Bay Hill Golf Club (yes, that one that is always on tv and looks like a golf God created it), Windermere is home to families who have been there since it was once orange groves. The typical Windermere home is brand new. Yes, it is an older area, but the way buyers go about it is they will buy an older home (just for the land),

tear it down and re-build a brand new home with all the bells and whistles. Here's the best way I can explain it - a $250k house in Casselberry will cost roughly $800k in Windermere. Why? Because it is the ultimate zip code! Lots of famous actors and athletes live here and enjoy the quiet and beauty. Everyone seems to have a boat, Porsche and a helicopter. Windermere also has a noise ordinance when you drive through... NO loud music allowed... EVER!

I hope you enjoyed this list - I look forward to giving away my knowledge and experience of this great city for all!

Any questions?

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