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The Burbs (part 1)

The suburbs... and no I'm not talking about the cookie cutter houses you see in the movies dating back to the 1960's... I'm talking about the top 8 places to live in Orlando. Making the reading easier, let's only do 4, then move to another 4 in another post :)

8. Celebration

Just imagine the movie "The Truman Show" - a constantly gorgeous community where everyone knows everyone and EVERYTHING is inside of it's little bubble of a paradise. That is Celebration, FL. They have their own school system, public transit, small businesses, Starbucks and Publix. Yes, you are thinking it correctly, you never have to go anywhere else! Oh, side note, you MUST go here during Christmas time - the entire town is fully decorated!

7. Lake Mary

Now, growing up here, Lake Mary was always the place to be. TONS of shopping, homes, lakes, land and open areas. Today, Lake Mary is a bit more congested. BUT still beautiful! And the city prides itself on everything being pristine and clean. They really do take care of their city and citizens. Houses really hold their value.

6. Maitland

This is the older part of the list. All of the homes typically are ranch style and LOTS of land. The new builds in the area are all 10 feet from each other - in Maitland, you can a hop, skip and a jump and still not be in your neighbors yard. Even though they are older, they are beautifully done. The older architectural details really make a statement with the beautiful green yards and tons of mature oak trees.

5. Oviedo

Voted one of the top places to live in the USA, Oviedo has matured to a beautiful

suburb. What once was tons of wasted land, is not a beautiful park, brand new community area and lots of great modern buildings. Oviedo's downtown area is quaint, but full of history. Dating back to the orange grove years and bank explosions, Oviedo has kept it's charm and is one of the hardest places for businesses to move into due to the fact that the citizens here are against big chain stores, and all for homegrown mom-and-pop stores. And don't forget to check out the Oviedo Chickens - yes, this is a real thing!

If you liked these, check out the next post with the top 4 suburbs in Orlando!

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