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The A/C...


The Air Conditioner is by the the most important part of a home in the state of Florida during summer (which seems to last 10 months a year).

Keeping it up and running is essential to a comfortable home. We all know what it feels like to have it go out and sleep with fans on high and no blankets. This will help you keep it running and keeping it CLEAN. This is how to keep it clean. I do this every 6 months (unless I need to do it more often).

1. Turn off the A/C thermostat (inside unit).

2. Go to the outside condenser, clear away anything that may be in the way or stuck in the side. I used a leaf blower for this to get everything underneath out. I also use a watering can to clear anything out that may be in the fins (this is light pressure as to not damage the fins).

3. Go back inside. In the indoor unit, you will have an evaporator drain line. Usually it has a cap on it that is easy to remove with your hand. From here, I pour an entire bottle of white distilled vinegar into the drain line. This will loosen and kill off any mildew or "gunk" that you will find in here. Good thing is you cannot see it... yet. LEAVE THE CAP OFF.

4. Go back outside. Next to the condenser, you will find the other end of the drain line. Usually PVC (hard white plastic) that is draining downwards (never up because rain will get in). Grab your shop vac, put the hose up the the drain, and turn on. It will go pretty quickly, and you will feel the liquid coming through the shop vac hose. Once I smell vinegar, I count to 30 while holding the shop vac hose on the drain exit. That way I know I got all of the stuff out of there.

5. Go back inside. Put the cap back on the drain line and turn the A/C back on.

6. Replace your A/C air filters every 30 days. This will keep the dust out and lengthen the life of the unit all while keeping the air quality in your home clean.

Any other questions? CALL US!

Matthew and Brooke Schnitker


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