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Summer is Coming...

Yes, yes, it's a cheesy Game of Thrones pun, but it's true! Summer is coming in Orlando. And that means that home prices will fluctuate and buyers and sellers will flock to move into a bigger home, or become a first time home buyer.

Picture this...

It's summer time and it's 92 degrees (feels like 105) - you're sipping your "drink" by the pool at your apartment complex, enjoying the sun and quiet - then SPLASH! A group full of kids on summer break start splashing and crying, there's a diaper floating in the middle of the pool now, and the smell of burnt burgers on the grill a few feet from you engulfs your senses...

Does this sound like fun? Of course not!

Now picture this...

You're at YOUR OWN HOME, you step out to YOUR POOL, and relax with some soft music playing in the background and your little puppy soaking up the sun next to you. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's YOURS!

Summer is the perfect time to OWN YOUR OWN HOME!!

Want to find out more? Contact us today!

Matt and Brooke Schnitker


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