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Ok, ok, I'm sorry for yelling - but it's a harsh reality... STOP RENTING!

Rent (n)

noun: rent; plural noun: rents

1. a tenant's regular payment to a landlord for the use of property or land. synonyms:hire charge, rental; More 2. a sum paid for the hire of equipment.

Do you see that?? If it's not sinking in yet, please read the definition of RENT. You are giving your hard earned money to a landlord, who in turn pays off their liabilities (land tax, electric, water, etc.) and then KEEPS THE REST AS PROFIT and builds equity in their property. That equity benefits them in raising YOUR rent every year because their land is now worth more because of YOUR RENT.

Am I making myself clear on this?

Your $$$ + landlord = HIGHER RENT FOR YOU

Make the smart choice. Call / text / message my team and let us help you take away the landlord aspect of this equation and BUILD YOUR OWN EQUITY!!!

(407) 415-1015

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