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SOLD! for FULL asking price & FAST!

We have TONS of clients who are extremely happy and excited about the sale or purchase of their house. We have some stories that are a bit more extraordinary than others...

ALL of our clients are WONDERFUL people... it's just that sometimes, a transaction happens to take us off guard, and we like to share those stories in hopes that we can make YOUR DREAM HAPPEN!!!

This one is about a townhome in Winter Springs. The sellers were in NO hurry to move. They were building a new home and it would not be done for some time. So we agreed on a price and took some extremely high end pictures.

The pictures were quick and easy (especially after using the drone). I ended up on top of a very unstable hill taking pictures of the outside of the townhome. It was hot, it was sticky, and bugs were pretty much everywhere around me. I got some really great pictures and then fell down the hill. Ended up covered in dirt, but satisfied with my pictures.

Fast forward - we list the home (highest priced in Winter Springs) with intentions of having an Open House that weekend. We made our video, blasted it on Social Media, and were fully prepared for the weekend.

THEN we received a full price offer and they wanted to close in 23 days. This is not unheard of, but not completely normal either. Their neighborhood had homes on the market for 30-300 days. So our clients accepted this offer and then soon realized that they needed to move out into temporary housing while their home is still being built.

Closing was QUICK, it was EASY, and our clients were extremely happy to get a full price offer and use that money towards their new home being built.

Do you want to be part of our GREAT stories?

Please call us today!


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