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Love Bugs - WTF?!

Here it is folks. Love bug season is starting very very soon. Love bugs, in Orlando-terms, are

not loved. They are a nuisance for drivers for 2 months out of the year. May and September. They emerge, mate, repopulate like crazy, and splat! Your windshield is covered, bumper changed colors from chrome to black, and opening your front door is a game of "how quickly can I get out before the bugs get in"

How do they affect me?

-They coat your windshield, making it hard to see clearly and safely

-They can affect your car engine, clogging up your radiator and lessening the amount of air intake

-They can damage your cars paint. They are so acidic that if you leave them on your car in the hot summer sun, they can eat right through the paint on your bumper.

-They tend to migrate around your front door and openings, and every time you open the door, BOOM! They run in

-They can damage flowers in your garden.


The best practices to keep love bugs at bay in and around your home are

-Wash your car often to keep the bugs off your paint

-Ensure your house has no standing water (this helps with mosquitos too)

-Clean up yard debris so the female cannot lay eggs

-Vacuum them up! They will always find their way inside, just a quick vacuum and gone! here is some wives-tales that have been going around and often times worked! I have honestly tired this idea, and it seemed to work, with some side-effects

In a spray bottle, add some dish soap (citrus scented is best), water, and a splash of mouth wash. Spray your outside walls (where ever they tend to be accumulated). This will keep them from landing on your home and procreating more.


Yes it does! And the aftermath is not as fun as you'd think. The soap keeps them from landing and the mouth wash dries them out (which they hate). BUT... yes there is always a but... you need to remember to spray your house off AFTER love bug season. I made the mistake of not spray down my walls and next thing I know, paint is cracking and I am repainting my entire house... not fun.... $4000 mistake I will never make again!

If you have any other ways you have gotten rid of love bugs, we'd love to hear them!

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