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Living in Oviedo!!!

Oviedo - History, Chickens, and more…

Oviedo, Florida. A place rich in history, chickens, and great residents. I know what you’re asking, chickens?? What on earth did this guy drink before making a video about Oviedo Chickens??

That’s exactly it! Well, part of it anyways. Oviedo is rich in history, dating back to the Civil War in 1865. Populated by Native Americans, deep in citrus and celery, and given a sister city in Spain. Yes, Oviedo has a lot to learn and even more to offer! Let’s start with those chickens. They have been prevalent since the early 19th century and they just never left… they loved it here, so they just kind of stuck around. They roam the downtown blocks and nestle behind the infamous Townhouse Restaurant and the parking lot of a Popeyes. Yes, the chicken sandwich place Popeyes.

Given a new ‘central area’ Oviedo on the Park is the new crown jewel of Oviedo. Tons of great family activities around the lake, food trucks every Thursday, Santa completely takes over the park come December and finished with a 5k race for Santa and his Reindeer. Schools A-rated, UCF, and Rollins right down the street… oh yeah… there's amazing FOOD!!!! We love a good meal, and when it’s local, it's even better. From the downtown staple Townhouse to KISS’s own Rock & Brews all the way to The Black Hammock in the alligator-infested swamp area. Oviedo has it all! Go hiking in the Econ Wilderness State Park, or a hop away from Winter Park’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s.

What goes best with great schools? Great Real Estate! Lots of new-build opportunities around the city that are complemented with the homes that have been the grounds of Oviedo since the 1990s. All of which have their own charm and luxury feeling. When you live in a city that was labeled as one of the top 100 places to live in the USA, you have a warm feeling inside knowing you made a great choice to live here.

If airboat rides aren’t your thing, we have beaches 35-40 minutes East. Beaches you can park on (and not trek 1/2 mile to find a great spot with bags over your shoulders). Go take the family to Disney or Universal Studios for the day. Still not sold yet? How about watching SpaceX from the comfort of your back porch. Yup! You can see the shuttle launch from your own back yard. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Want to learn more? All you gotta do is ask.. I’m here to help :)


Matt Schnitker is a Realtor® in Orlando, Florida with BEX Realty. I'm a proud husband and father of two, self-professed tech nerd, and bona fide food fanatic. My wife and I are both Real Estate nerds and we love looking at Real Estate, so of course, we got into the business together. 😆

If you have any questions or would like some more information on anything you see in my videos (or anything else) please email me at or call my team at 407.415.1015

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Keep smiling :)

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