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Hurricane Supplies

Supplies. Things. Stuff. Items you don't realize you need UNTIL you need them. I compiled a list of supplies that we NEED during a hurricane; especially during hurricane season that comes every year before we know it...

1. WATER (the most important item). We need 1 gallon per person per day. So for a family

of 4, you would NEED to keep 20 gallons on hand every hurricane season for just 5 days of no power. This is mainly for drinking, but have you ever tried to brush your teeth with no water?

You can fill up your tub for water for bathing or flushing the toilet. This is non-drinking water and should only be used for those purposes.

2. FIRST AID KIT. Band-aids, alcohol swabs, gauze, etc. These things you may not need on a daily basis, but when you're cleaning up your yard after the storm passes, you will NEED something to clean those cuts and scrapes. Keep it safe and keep it clean. I keep one of these in my car because my 4-year-old is, well, clumsy!

3. FLASHLIGHT. 1 per person in each family. During the day, obviously you don't need this. At night, with the windows open with no A/C going, this can keep a child feeling safe and a parent one step ahead of anyone trying to be an unannounced visitor.

4. TOOL KIT. I am like a normal guy, my tool kit has the essentials, and then some fun tools. It is growing weekly and I ALWAYS want that new cool tool that I saw in Home Depot.

5. SANITATION PRODUCTS. This is a big one (especially with a young child in the house). Hands touch things, things are not clean after a couple days. Fingers get sticky. Bathroom habits alter. Toilet paper, moist towelettes and garbage bags. Heaven forbid you run out of your "tub water" (see #1), you will need to keep waste and germs AWAY from your family until local services like trash have been restored.

I like to keep these things in mind when that time of year comes around. Look at how Dorian affected us all here in Orlando. Gas was disappearing, water was no where to be found, canned foods were down to pretty much the stuff only your dog would eat... Be prepared now!

One last thing... do you have any other questions?

Please call us today!


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