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Home Warranty - What's The Point?

New-build home owners. Re-sale home owners. Sellers. Buyers. Condo owners. Townhouse owners. - Those are the people who can benefit from a home warranty.

The truth behind home warranties is the same as health and car insurance.

We all buy health insurance because if we end up in the hospital, we do not want a bill coming a month later for $10,000. We are all required by law to have car insurance for protection of our vehicles and others property, health, etc.

The average price of a car in 2018 is $35,285. And we INSURE it monthly. The average home price in 2018 is $255,000 and we have an OPTION to insure the roof, electrical/plumbing system, appliances, etc.

A home warranty is affordable, extremely affordable. Especially when you put in that new fridge ($4,000), stove/oven ($1000), A/C unit ($10,000), roof ($8,000), and many other housing options we choose to have in our homes.

A home warranty is used to protect these big ticket items. Acts just like health or car insurance; we have it just-in-case we need it.

Average repair costs:

Stove/oven - $354

Fridge - $153

Heating / AC - $383

Clothes Washer - $156

Average 2018 replacement costs:

Roof (2,200 sq ft) - $12,000

Stove/oven - $1,000

Fridge - $2,200

Heating / AC - $4,000

Clothes Washer - $700

Let us help you get into that new house, do the research for you, and get you protected with a great Home Warranty.
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