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Home Building Process (part 2)

OK, so here we are! The intensely specific part of our home building process...

Not to say that everything we stated in the first post was not specific, but these are the parts of the house you will see daily! You don't see the insulation in the ceiling, or the wood behind the walls - you see where you live

7. Finish interior trim, driveway and walkways to front door - interior trim is the molding, millwork used to frame doors and windows. This create the architectural details that you can show off to your friends and family. Driveways now are mainly pavers, but they vary from builder to builder...

8. Install flooring, cabinets and countertops - Everything that you picked out in the design studio comes to play now. You kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets are installed. Placed on top of them is the stone you picked out. This is typically granite, but I have helped some clients who got quartz and WOW it's gorgeous.

9. Install all plumbing fixtures - now you get to see your $300 kitchen faucet put into its final place. Don't forget that rain shower head we mentioned earlier - that's going in too!

10. Install mirrors, finish flooring, and put some grass in my yard - flooring needs a little help, something may have dropped or chipped your floors. We don't want that, especially when it's

brand new! They builder will go through and fix any imperfections he can find.

11. Time for the final walkthrough! This is one secret we will keep to ourselves on what we do and how we accomplish this. It is very very very detail oriented. And we only let our clients close on their new home IF we are all satisfied in the completion. Which sometimes includes a short punch list of items we find in the final walkthrough that the builder schedules out.

12. Time to move in!!!! Congrats on your new home. We always like to welcome our clients to their new homes with a 'closing gift' aka 'welcome home gift' - and this is something that going through a builder will NOT give you. They give you a cheesy key chain (that you will never use) and a pen (woo hoo!). Very impersonal. We want to welcome you to a great

achievement in your life and give you something personal and exciting to make it perfect!

That is our standard here at The Schnitker Team. We want to make your experience wonderful and memorable. That is what we strive for - your happiness!

Courtesy of The Schnitker Team at BEX Realty

Matthew Schnitker


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