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Home Building Process (part 1)

Building a home huh? Well I hope you have partnered with a Realtor for professional help! A lot of builders do not like when Realtor's bring clients to a new build opportunity.

Why you ask?

Simple - Money! - the builder pays the Realtor's commission! The Builder doesn't want to fork out extra money to pay us, so they do not like us! That's not the ONLY reason - they also try to slip things past you future home owners... this is where our team comes in! We know what to ask, when to ask it, and what to demand!

**I bet you didn't know that ALL new builds are negotiable!!!**

That's just one of our secrets....

Here we created a good way for you, the future homeowner, to know all major steps of the home building process. So, let's get into it!

1. Prepare site and pour foundation - this is where all those trees are removed (don't worry, they are required to plant new trees) and 5 big cement trucks come in to pour the cement that will cure into your homes foundation and keep everything level and balanced.

2. Construct rough framing - exactly as it sounds, the builders put up the 2x4's for all of your walls, doors, and architectural goodies. Especially the roof framing can be exciting to watch unfold. Gives you the overall look of your new home.

3. Rough plumbing, electrical and HVAC - the plumbing for that rain shower head is put in, along with the electrical wires to run your refrigerator and A/C unit. Next, the big silver circle looking thing aka duct work, to run all of that cool air that we love so much here in Orlando!

4. The insulation goes in. This coincides with the HVAC in keeping your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter (yes! all 10 days of it).

5. Drywall is done and texture finished. For most of us, that means orange peel texture, or more new builds are using knock-down. This is a southern thing, most states up north do a slick skim coat on the walls to make them smooth as glass.

6. - check out the next post, there was just too much good stuff to tell you in one :)

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