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Getting evicted?

Evictions from a rental property or apartment can take between 30-90 days...

That's 30-90 days until you're on your a$$ with nowhere to live and a HUGE blemish on your credit report. That will haunt you for YEAAARRRSSSSS!!

Want to find another rental right away? Ha! Good luck when they run your credit report. You're screwed. Sorry to be so blunt, but I don't want to shy away from telling you the truth here.

On the other hand - evictions from a home you OWN - haha - those can take up to 2 years...

That's 2 years that we can do a simple fix... we can sell your home (short sale) for a certain price that basically allows you to break even on the property, walk away, and NOT kill your credit score.

It is a bit more involved, by our team and the bank, not yourself as the owners. The offers need to "match the banks number" - simple explanation. If you owe $250,000 on your home, and you decide to stop paying and want to short sale the home, the bank may say, you need to get an offer for $257,000 in order for them to agree to the sale and create a break-even point for both parties. Simple enough.

I hope and pray that you never get in that situation, but with the job market and how this pandemic is going, it may happen to someone you know.

Don't let them panic, give them our number - 407.415.1015

We can help every step of the way!

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