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Credit Repair... follow-up

Credit repair WORKS!

I have had many clients get help with their credit and move on to purchase their dream homes! I compiled a list from my friends at Legacy Credits of red flags from "those other companies"...

5 Things the Best Credit Repair Companies Won’t Do

There are certain things you should be looking for when investigating credit repair companies and scammers. Legitimate companies won’t do the following five things:

1. Ask you for payment upfront before they start any work for you

2. Request that you don’t contact the credit reporting companies directly

3. Advise you to dispute information that’s accurate in your credit report

4. Tell you to provide phony information on your applications for credit or a loan

5. Forget to review your legal rights when they explain their services

If you recognize these red flags, or if the company promises that it can increase your credit score by 100 points or more, they’re running a scam. If you spot a scam, you can report it to the State Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission.

Follow the link below to get in contact with Legacy Credits

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