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Buyer's Agent - Give me info!!

Top 5 things your buyer’s agent can do for you

1. Local market knowledge- the real estate market is in constant flux. Your agent should know the average prices in your area and information on what matters most to you as a buyer such as school districts, market trends, community statistics, etc. This will aid them in finding you not only a property you like but a community you love at a fair price!

2. Recommend professionals- do you know how many people are involved in bringing a real estate transaction together? Your buyer’s agent does and has worked with many of them! Your agent should be able to recommend several mortgage brokers, inspectors, appraisers, title companies, real estate attorneys and contractors to ensure you are getting a trusted professional that will get you a great deal. They should also guide you towards what questions you should be asking to ensure whoever you choose is your perfect fit.

3. Negotiations- your agent should know the ins and out of a real estate contract and advise you on what can be negotiated. If there are any significant inspection issues your agent can advise you to negotiate either a credit, price reduction or repair. They should not only be able to draft a solid offer that protects you but also be ready to go to bat to make sure you never pay more than you have to.

4. New construction- the sales agent in new construction works for the builder which means they do not have your best interest in mind. A buyers agent can use the same negotiating tactics to ensure you are getting a fair price on your new home.

5. Communication- the most important piece of value your realtor can provide is constant communication. They should be updating you consistently on what your next deadline is, any communications from the seller’s agent, keep tabs on the status of your mortgage to guide you what to do (or not do) before closing, and where each professional is in their portion of the process. By staying in contact with all parties involved, your agent can ensure you close on time by spotting potential delays before they occur. This is certainly not a comprehensive list. What do you look for when looking for an agent to represent you?

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